Q: What is gluten?

Gluten is a family of proteins found in wheat, barley, rye, triticale and oats. It is generally acknowledged that the gluten protein in oats is less toxic than that found in other grains containing gluten.

For more information, please contact Coeliac Australia at [www.coeliac.org.au].

Q: Why are O’Brien Beers gluten free?

Unlike conventional beers, we only use gluten free raw materials, namely gluten free grains such as millet, rice and sorghum, instead of the traditional barley and wheat, which contain gluten. O’Brien Beers are 100% gluten free beer.

Q: Why do European beers made from barley claim to be gluten free?

Food Standards Australia New Zealand have arguably the highest gluten free standard in the world. Recent research undertaken by the CSIRO concluded that, amongst other things, “Barley gluten (hordeins) were detected in all beers analyzed with peptides representing all hordein classes detected in conventional beers but also, alarmingly, in many gluten-reduced beers.” You can find the full report [here].

Q: A lot of breweries claim that their beer is gluten free, so how can Rebellion Brewing guarantee the gluten free status of O’Brien Beer?

Some beers do have a low level of gluten and some breweries claim to process or filter the gluten out of their beer, but they all brew their beers using barley or wheat and they all contain varying amounts of gluten and the broken down, and still toxic, gluten peptides. We can only make the gluten free claim if we meet the stringent requirements of Food Standards Australia New Zealand.

Q: Isn’t yeast grown in a raw beer solution?

Generally, yeast is propagated (i.e. grown) in wort (i.e. raw beer prior to fermentation) which traditionally is produced from barley or wheat malt, however the yeast that is used to produce O’Brien Beers is propagated in a gluten free sugar solution.

Q: Does it taste like ‘real’ beer?

Yes, many people without gluten intolerance who have tasted O’Brien Beer are blown away by O’Brien Beer’s presentation, taste and aroma. As a natural craft brewed beer, you will find it superior to most commercially produced traditional beers on the market today.

Q: Where or how can I get O’Brien Beer?

There are more than 300 outlets across Australia that stock our beers. Australians can also order O’Brien Beer via the telephone, or here on this website, and have your O’Brien Beer delivered to your door. For everyone else, we are always investigating export options and overseas production, including in the UK, NZ, Europe and the USA.

Q: What about restaurants that restrict BYO to wine only?

Insist that your favourite restaurants stock O’Brien Beer. They can order O’Brien Beer directly from us. You can also try contacting them and asking if you can bring it in – you will be surprised how accommodating some places can be.

Q: Does O’Brien Beer exhibit at exhibitions, fairs and shows?

We are very active in attending food and beverage industry events. Keep a lookout on this website for information relating to these events. Also, feel free to contact us with details of upcoming events in your area that we may be interested in attending.

Q: I love going out for a beer with friends. What pubs, bars and clubs serve O’Brien Beers?

There are more and more venues that serve O’Brien Beer, but we still have a lot of work to do. You can help by requesting (no, demanding!) that your favourite venues serve O’Brien Beer. Venues need to know they have a regular customer base for O’Brien Beer, and if enough people ask for it, they will serve it, the law of supply and demand. You can also find your closest O’Brien Beer stockist [by clicking here].


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